Thursday, September 19, 2013

Product Review: Colour Studio Professional's Pure Matt Lipstick.

Product Review: Color Studio Professional's
Pure Matt Lipstick 
Backstage 113.

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Without any further due ,let's get started with the review. CSP's Pure Matt lipsticks were reviewed by each and every blogger literally every but I haven't seen any of the blogger doing a review on BACKSTAGE 113.
So,I decided to do the review:

Why I love it :

Most of the ingredients mentioned on the packing are organic and fragrance/scent of the lipstick smells healthy to me.The lipstick moistens my lips and hydrates them whilst the lip-colour is on it for about 16hrs,the colour of the lipstick which is Backstage 113 is in vogue now a days. These lipsticks are highly pigmented and the colour of the lipstick makes my lips look fuller, pulpier and makes my complexion more blooming fair.
The coral colour is perfect for post-summers and pre-falls :).When I apply this on to my lips there is no further need of applying anything else.

Why I picked this particular colour:

This colour is remarkably attractive and is close to my nature lip colour.I usually wear dark eye make-up so to tone down and to match up with my eyes I usually apply nude/coral/olive -coloured lipsticks/lipcolour so, this is also one of them and will also be good for those days when I'm too lazy to apply anything and would apply it within few seconds and will leave my home boldly as if I have spent hours and hours mixing up lipcolours to make this sharp/eye-catchy but at the same time a very cool lipcolour.


This was one of my August Favourites, have you yet checked it out :NO?

I hope you have enjoyed reading my reviews for CSP's Pure Matt lipstick.
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  1. ooh the shade is amazing. sadly i havent found it anywhere yet =(
    following you =)


  2. I too have backstage, it's a gorgeous eye-catching color! looks lovely on you!!

    P.S thanks for nominating me for the blog award honey! I can't find the post though?!

    1. Thank you :)
      oh! It got posted a minute ago.

  3. Loved the shades :) great post
    I recently started my own beauty and fashion blog, kindly visit and leave a comment maybe :)
    have a nice day!

    P.S: Hey, we are twining with the themes of our blogs :D teehee

    1. Welcome to the Blogging world :)
      oh yeah"the theme" :D

  4. Hey Samran following u now
    follow back :)

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