Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Imperfections within my skin - Skin Confessions!

Okay,so, after reading the title you guys would have been wondering that is post will be about "me complaining about my skin" but, hi! guys,I will not be doing that infact, I am out on a hunt finding that one skincare product that does it all for me.

There are a very few people on this planet -Earth, that are blessed with healthy,glowing, acne and dark-spot free face; whereas others, including me have to work really hard to get that healthy and glowing face. Every morning and sometimes at night I spend hours and hours doing my skincare routine in-order,to avoid any dark spots or uneven skin tone and sometimes my skin goes craycray hence, I get a bi-jillion pimples on my face and what not. Sometimes, battling with my pimples my face gets distributed into different tones and then, that's the time when no whitening cream or skincare product works. Oh!and how can I forget about efforts Mr.Sun makes in-order to tan up my skin.However, I'm still finding/waiting for that one cream that does it all, reduces my dark spots, evens out my skin and of course! brightens/whitens it up.

Inorder, to study my skin and find flaws in it, I will start to ask a few questions from myself and would later answer them. If you are also in the same situation as I am -that is finding that one cream that does it all,then I would suggest you all to do this fun activity with me.

So Ladies, let's get started!

Here are the questions:
  1. What is my skin type? Is it Dry/Oily or Combination?
  2. Do I get acne or occasionally pimples?
  3. Is my skin having dark spots, at the moment?
  4. Is my face divided into different skin tones?
  5. Do I go out alot ,especially in daytime?
  6. Do I encounter air pollution on the daily bases?

Now,it's time to jot down some answers.
 Remember,to first touch your skin ,study and analyze it and then answer them.
And, here are my answers!

  1. My skin type is combination.
  2. I get pimples, occasionally.
  3. Yes, I have a few dark spots and a few blemishes,at the moment.
  4. Yes, my fore head has a completely different colour than that of my T-zone area and my neck.
  5. I am a student so, yes I encounter sunlight and air pollution,alot.

So,according to these answer, I need something that is made for people with combination skin type. Has a higher number of SPF in it and could even out my skin tone.Even could reduce or I should say vanishes the dark spots.

So, my hunt still continues!
Though, this time I have things cleared up in my head.

And, I will definitely let you guys know, till then my search continues........

Thank you! for making it to the bottom of the post :')
Hope you enjoyed!
Have a nice day ahead!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July Favourites '14

Hey, there lovely reader!

So, it's that time of the month when I reveal my favourite beauty products of the month.I haven't done these kind of a post for a while thus, I was pretty peculiar while choosing the products. So,here they go ,I hope you people enjoy reading it.

First up goes, my favourite pair of footwear for this month :

They are perfect to be paired with cigarette pants and are so, ridiculously comfortable that
I basically live in them. I would definitely wear them in the upcoming Fall season. 

Second up is, a blush from Sleek (Flamingo).

It's one of my all time favourite blushes. It's super pigmented and has a pretty sleek and elegant packaging, and let me just tell you that I'm a sucker for packaging. So, yes! I love it.

Next up is, an old purchase of mine and this month I went back to it.
It's a mono-eyeshadow from Rimmel in MARS.

My another favourite is a product that gives my face a glow, a shine as, if I have drunk a million glass of water.
MUA's Undress me- highlighter.

Okay, so, this product is a Mascara and guys, I officially announce this that, this is the best mascara I have ever used. Clumps-ALOT but, as they say you have to lose something to gain something. Anyways, this mascara just pumps and volumizes my lashes and make them look so much fuller and thicker.
So, the mascara I am raving about is the Maybelline's Rocket mascara.

Next up is, my favourite lip product, which was a swap gift from a lovely Beauty Blogger Nida Arshad.
I would encourage everyone of you to check out her blog, she is a very creative writer.
And here is the LINK. 
Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Stain in Sweetheart Valentine.

The writing is barely there so, that pretty much explains how much I love it.

My favourite scrub for this month is The Body Shop's Shea Butter Scrub.

And , the last product for this post is a giveaway gift I won from Mariam Shahjahan's giveaway.
She is an amazing beauty blogger, go check out her blog here.
 This product is a body mist from Victoria's Secret.

Interested in any of the products mentioned above?
Find them HERE.

Thank you! for making it to the bottom of the post :')
Hope you enjoyed!
Have a nice day ahead!