Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY: How to DISINFECT make-up brushes ?

DIY: How to DISINFECT your make-up brushes?

My lovely readers !
Today,I will be telling you how to DISINFECT your make-up brushes plus the DO's and the DON'T's for cleaning the make-up brushes.I bet your make-up brushes contain a lot of germs and tiny dirt particles as, they are breeding ground for bacteria .Everytime when these brushes come in contact to your face they transmit natural oils and bacteria.The first question comes to everyones mind is HOW TO DISINFECT THEM?I will tell you how but first the question is why is wash them ,here's the answer----->

Why to clean them?

This is important because the old make-up ,the sebum ,oil, bacteria and the dirt is trapped on a unclean brush and if next day you are applying these brushes again ,you are reapplying oil and bacteria on your face,you can actually breakout because of this. 

Using brush cleaners can be a bit expensive as I wash my brushes almost everyday.But today I'm going to tell you the world's easiest technique to wash+disinfect make-up brushes.

The supplies are super inexpensive and easily available in you kitchen :)

STEP#1: Supplies!
  • An anti-bacterial dish-washing soap = This will remove the, pigments,oil,dirt and will kill the bacteria.
  • A bottle of extra virgin olive oil = The dish-washing soap will extract the natural oils of the hair but this will recondition them.
  • A plate.
  • Couple of tissue papers.
  • 2 spoons.

STEP#2: Quantity!
  • 2 tablespoon dish-washing soap.
  • 2 tablespoon olive oil.

STEP#3 : Place your brushes on a tissue ,as shown in the picture.

STEP#4 :Stir your brushes on the plate in a circular motion.

STEP#5: Wipe these brushes back and fourth on the backside of your hand, it's actually how painters clean their brushes.Repeat this step to remove the pigments and kill the bacteria.(Can you see pigments on my hand) 

STEP#6: Rinse your brushes with warm water because HOT water can damage your brushes. Donot rinse in the vertical position because water will seep in and will loosen the glue(which holds the hair together)

STEP#7:Wipe them dry with paper towel because regular towel leaves lint on the brushes.Blot out the excess water.

STEP#8: Leave your brushes upside down in a container/glass to dry.
Once they are dried they will be germ-free and clean.
Now they are ready to use again :)

          GOOD LUCK!
         HAVE A NICE DAY!