Saturday, July 13, 2013

Colours of the Rainbow Tag!!

Colours of the RAINBOW TAG! <3

What is this Tag all about?
Actually,this tag is an inspiration from Youtube beautyguru/s.All I will be doing is that I will be running through all of the colours: RED,ORANGE,YELLOW,GREEN,BLUE,INDIGO N VIOLET:) So, I will be talking about beauty and fashion things that co-ordinate these colours and all W's(questions) about each of them.


Things showed :)
  • A clutch from Accessorize
  • Lipstick from AVON

Short Review  : Clutch is spacious and maybe still available at Accessorize. Nail paint makes your hands look fairer.The lipstick can be used as a cream blush because its too creamy and stays for about 19hrs :) .

Things showed:)
  • Nail paint from DIERLI
  • Huge Earring HOOPS from CHASE UP (Clifton)

Short Review : The nail paint is perfect for summer and gives a POP of colour to your outfit :)The hoops are in-vogue from past few weeks plus they also give a pop of colour.They were lately my obsession :)

A kurti from AWAMI By Amir Adnan!!

Short Review: The kurti is amazingly stitched and has short camisole underneath, its not like any other camisole which heats up your body or makes your body sweat.The cloth is very light-weighted and helps me beat the heat :) This kurti is one of my favourite kurtis to wear out for shopping or causal lunch/dinners .

Things showed:
  • Clean and Clear morning face-wash with Bursting beeds
  • Neon green nail paint from Dazz Matazz Nail Express (Cashmere Mist)

Short Review:
                      For the facewash :Click me ;)
                                 Amazing colour + in vogue :)

Thing showed:
  • Clean and clear Essential Oil-control TONER
  • Nail paint from Miss Rose shade 01

Short Review : The toner cleanses my skin COMPLETELY and prevents my skin from blackheads,whiteheads,pimples and cleans the pores properly. After appling it on my face ,my skin glows and gives a pinkish white complexion:)

Things showed :)
  • Nail paint from D-girl shade 109
  • Special Eyes : Mono Eye Shadow Shade: Passion

SORRY: INDIGO not mentioned :(

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HOPE you enjoyed :) <3

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