Sunday, July 7, 2013

June Favourites!!


Heyy Girls !!

            Finally June has ended and July has started and this YEAR 2013 is only half of left(That's sad, time is flying)though,its always fun to collect all favourite stuff and write about :)
soo, Lets get started !!!


Face and Hair !!

 Face:                 ST.IVES Apricot Scrub!!

           Clean and Clear shine control face wash!

                            (It has bursting blue beads in it) HINT: Make sure to burst the bead before
applying to your face that will really glow your face and gives you perfect/desired shine. :)

Hair:                Sunsilk therma shine conditioner

short Review:The quantity of conditioner in this bottle is never-ending,I know this sounds
phony but literally it is.After wash this leaves your hair soft, silky and shiny, the only flaw it contains is that it  doesnot prevent hair-fall,Yeah its a dis-ad but still its AMAZING. :)

#2:   BB CREAMS:     Garnier mineral skin perfector.
                                      THE BODY SHOP (TBS)  colour-adapting                                                               tinted cream.


Short mixed review: The garnier one has SPF-24 which means it will protect you from sun but the TBS one doesnot  has it.Overall, the TBS one is MUCH better than Garnier one :)

#3:  Nail Paints:           Color Studio Professionals ;

1. BombShell
                        2.Maroon-ish red (unlabeled)

#4: Blush Brush from TBS:

(Without editing)
Short Review: It feels like heaven when I touch this on my apples(cheeks :)
Super soft and I can easily say it's better than M.A.C's brushes .

#5: Baked Blush from TBS:

Short Review: This blush is two in one :Shimmer-y highlighter and a blush.
Works perfectly for me :)

#6: MAYBELLINE : The Great Lash mascara :
The review is here: Click here :)

#7: Lip Stain from TBS :
SORRY: In the picture the bottle has finished up which automatically means its the most favourite thing of mine :)
Its the BEST LIP STAIN ever !! I donot have words to describe its perfection and beauty :)
InshAllah when I ll buy a new one  I will definitely post the review :)

#8: BOURJOIS PARIS's: Levres Contour (Lip liner)
I will be doing a review in a day or two :)

#9: BOURJOIS PARIS's :WaterProof (Eye pencil)                             (contour clubbing)
Review coming up soonn!!

Thank you for taking out your time and reading it!!
For any further suggestions and requests ,comment and PLEASE!!
IN THE END : I will Thank Naimal aka : Peachy Pout for helping me out to edit and get followers /likes on facebook. 
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Have a good-day!!


  1. nice picks!! I like the look of the TBS baked blush, would love to see you swatch it! :) xx

  2. ty for the appreciation :) and yes! inshAllah i will do a review on it ,in which I'll mention/add it :)