Monday, July 1, 2013

Product Review/Product Comparison


     Product Review/Product Comparison

          Category:  Eye (Mascaras)
Products:   Body Shop's Super Volume Mascara                Maybellion Newyork's Great Lash

Review #1:

This mascara gives colossal volume to the lashes and is perfect for this summer though it's not waterproof.
It's super cheap/less expensive as for PAKISTANIS, it's just for Rs. 450 hence, is available is all beauty stores across the country.This one is in the shade Big Black and works amazing on my eye lashes.
This is how its brush looks like, the brush separates each eye lash and evenly spreads across the lashes.The good part is it doesn't gives the dramatic effect,which is beneficial for the teenagers out there.
This is the result of this mascara.

RATING: ***/*****

Review #2:

This mascara leaves your eye lashes long, healthy-looking and fuller.this might sound phony but after appling this you donot need to apply fake lashes or any other kind of mascara.The price of it is nearly around Rs.1100.Yeah! I know its pretty expensive but its worth it.
Its available at all body shop outlets and stores.


So,This was my first ever blog, I hope you enjoyed and this might have helped you to pick a go-for-summer mascara.
TY! for taking out your precious time and reading it :)


  1. Great review! I've been trying to look for a mascara and I like the look the Bodyshop one is giving! Looks almost natural!
    Good job :)

  2. Hey Naimal!!
    ty for the appreciation :)